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to everyone with finals and exams and big projects due very very soon and haven’t started anything yet


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I picked joining Tumblr and staying active on here because: 

  1. I’m not attractive enough to be a Youtuber
  2. Not popular enough for twitter
  3. Facebook is dumb

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we all have this one character death that we will never be over and fine with

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Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

I love that Mystery Spot has it’s own section for Character Deaths. Do those really count? I’m sure those really count.

I thought there was an episode in TN?


I wish I was pretty but like actually pretty, not “my friends and family think I’m pretty because they’re my friends and family” pretty

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People who don't wear glasses:I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses:No.


*sees dog*
*’happy’ by pharrell williams starts to play*

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